Friday, 4 November 2016

Man responsible for hoax sightings of Madeleine, is a McCann family friend.

On January 2013, The Daily Express ran a story with the headline "Madeleine McCann kidnap photo shock".

The photo in question was handed to detectives at Scotland Yard, and came from a man named Luiz Carlos Moreno. Moreno claims that the photo was taken in Brazil in 2007, and that it shows a man walking down the road with Madeleine McCann. He also sent police a list of demands, so he could help with the investigation (as described on the link to Pamalam's website below). 

At the request of Scotland Yard, The Express didn't print the photo at the time of the article, but described it almost perfectly. In fact the only thing they didn't mention, was the fact that the photograph in question couldn't have been evidence of Madeleine being in Brazil. Many people, myself included, believe that Madeleine died in apartment 5a, and that her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann were involved in concealing the little girl's body. That isn't however, the reason the photograph couldn't have been of Madeleine in Brazil.

The reason the photo couldn't have been taken in Brazil, was because it was taken at Ibiza airport in June 2007. A google image search of the photograph, brings up several matches; the first of which is a link to AP images.

AP images are a subscription based company, this is how they describe the services they offer:

"Simplify your image buying and budgeting with an AP PhotoChoice subscription. PhotoChoice gives you access to AP’s expansive collection of more than 34 million editorial and stock images. The collection includes AP’s wholly owned news, sports and entertainment images as well as world-class editorial, creative rights-managed and creative royalty-free images from hundreds of global photo partners. PhotoChoice lets you choose among editorial and creative images as you need them, as a simple one-stop-solution for all your imagery needs."

The second link takes us to a story that was published in June 2007, 
and discusses a security alert at an airport in Ibiza The photo accompanying the article was taken outside the airport, and is the very same one Moreno claims was taken in Brazil. In short, Moreno lied, not huge news in itself, people lie every day, granted not many do where it concerns a missing little girl. 

What makes the hoax sighting more intriguing, is that (as can be seen on the left), Moreno is a Facebook friend of Kate McCann's mother, Susan Healy, he also adds her to social media groups who promote lies about the McCann case, in an attempt to absolve the McCanns of any blame.

I discovered one of these groups Moreno had added Susan Healy to, only to find two more "sightings", of different girls, who bore no resemblance to Madeleine McCann. Upon joining the group, I asked Moreno why he posted hoax sightings, and why he would be connected to the family whilst taking part in such dishonest behaviour. His only replies were abusive, and non 
committal to the subject matter: 

Don't you hate it when people flirt with you online? Moreno left the group shortly after I told him that I would be using the comments he made in a public group, and posting them in this article. The two other photos Moreno posted (I have pixelated out the faces of those involved), are also clearly not Madeleine Mccann.

As can be seen on the above picture, not only is Moreno claiming that a little girl who bears no resemblance to Madeleine is in fact the missing girl, he also claims that the lady being pushed in the wheelchair, is her kidnapper.  

The very fact that Susan Healy, grandmother to Madeleine, is friends with a man who has posted 3 hoax sightings that we know of, and refuses to answer how many more he has circulated, should at the very least, set alarm bells ringing. We still remember how the Official Find Madeleine page promoted a picture of a girl much younger than Madeleine would have been were she alive.

A the recent article printed in The Sun, and written by another friend of the McCanns, Antonella Lazzeri, wrote that there had been 8,685 claims that Madeleine had been spotted in various countries. Despite these "sightings", Kate and Gerry don't seem to remember any of note, as can be seen on the following video:

The question remains though, why is the grandmother of a missing child, in direct contact with a man, Luiz Carlos Moreno, who is responsible for hoax sightings.

In the interest of fairness, a link to this blog has been sent to Mrs Healy, should she wish to use her right to reply. 


  1. I guess nobody is holding their breath waiting for credible answers. I'm surprised that he hasn't been sued for making such outrageous accusations.

    1. The McCanns wont sue anyone who is on their side will they, they only sue the people who root out their lies.

  2. The families of these girls, and the lady Moreno has publicly accused of being a kidnapper should definitely sue. What this man is doing is dangerous.

  3. Now that's what I call investigative journalism. Bit of a lost art in the UK, where the papers pander to the McCanns' every artful move instead of asking the questions they should be asking. Bravo!

  4. Kates mother knows what her daughter has done and supporting this mans lies proves it imo. The more 'sightings' of Madeleine the further away from the truth she can put herself, even though she knows they're false. In a way she's helping to protect her own child, if there are sightings of Madeleine it means she's alive which ,in her head means her daughter is innocent or seen to be . As usual the Mccanns and family never have anything to say to people making claims even false claims as long as it's favourable to them

    1. I agree that Susan Healy is well aware of what her daughter has done!

  5. Oct 28, 2015

    Officers have investigated more than 60 persons of interest. A total of 650 sex offenders have also been considered as well as reports of 8,685 potential sightings of Madeleine around the world.


  6. We know that M3 were paid to invent sightings - particularly in Morocco. The recent book has shown this. It is perfectly possible that, in the same way that the family kept up the nonsense of the smashed shutters for so long, that they have been asked to keep up the good work of other invented sightings.

  7. Absolutely unbelievable - Good work, highlighting this man's dishonesty Ben.

    Surely KM's mother will distance herself from such a charlatan, if she wants her daughter's case to have any credibility? (If we haven't moved beyond that point already!)

    1. Thank you. Mrs Healy saw my message giving her a right of reply, she has since marked it as unseen, and still has Moreno on her friend list.

  8. Guilty people always use divertive tactics to avoid detection for their crimes, it's psychological warfare with the McCann's and their team of McShamites, stop looking for a little girl that does not exist and search for the truth about the McCann's!


  10. Replies
    1. The blog proves beyond any shadow of a doubt, that is exactly what you do. Questions for you (please answer in your own name if you wish to have any credibility).

      Why does Kate's mother associate with you, when you lie about sightings of her dead granddaughter?

      Are you paid to make up sightings, if so how much?

      Can you show the conversation between you and Susan Healy, where you lied about seeing Madeleine in Brazil?